HK Police arrested a female journalist because she dared to ask for a warrant card!


Hong Kong police, alleged to be mainland soldiers, rampaging on the streets for more than three months. They are beating teens blatantly. They are using pepper spray to soak protestors no matter the victim is an 80-year-old in wheels or young couples inside the subway.

They are firing rubber bullets and live rounds randomly at Hong Kong residents and pedestrians walking by. Yes, they do all these crimes in front of the media and the cameras. And from one day, they started to attack journalists.


Comment from GM53:
No matter how the Chinese Communist Party has polished itself as the most successful economic regime of the 21st century, or a must-have partner with the USA sugarcoated by Bloomberg. The truth of the CCP has never changed. It is suppressing mainlanders in China for over 70 years.

Today, Hong Kong is no different from any other city, the mainland. The century-old rule of law no longer exists in Hong Kong. The government can do whatever it wants with its police force, which is now a representative of the PLA. To keep Hong Kong’s free trade status any longer would be equivalent to handing over a loaded gun to the Communist Party so that it can shoot anyone.